Shadows for Lunch

6 November
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Hey, I'm a college student. 19 years old at the time of writing this. This journal has been made to record a fictional narrative of the life of... well, I believe it will be another college student like me, about my age. Yes, I suppose at present she is rather loosely based off myself, but that will likely change soon enough. I don't know how long the inspiration for this will last, but it seems like it may be an interesting story. I am not sure how long, but I do hope I decide to actually finish this story.

The initial idea comes from my life, and my experiences- probably the reason that the main character is based off me. I have some chemical imbalances in my brain, like so many other people in the world. One of them is ADD. Another is a strange version of insomnia that I needn't explain. Because of the ADD, I must take Adderal, or I find it difficult to function. Unfortunately, if I take this too late in the day, I am up all night, exhausted but unable to sleep. It's a strange feeling, and I'm certain I'm not the only one who has felt it, but this restlessness lets me think at night, and recently in a half-waking dream I saw shadows, moving all over the room, even though the lights were on for my roommate.

This side effect of sleep deprivation and medication is what gave birth in my addled mind to this mundane nightmare in which the main character of this story lives. She is much like me now, but our worlds are totally different. She's also a lot more pessimistic about life than I am.

Unless otherwise noted, all entries in this journal are entries by her, not me. Her opinion is not my opinion. Her experiences are not my experiences, no matter how much the entry swears it's the truth. This is a journal of fiction, written about an alternate world to our own. I do not intend to base any character on anyone that I know. If I do, well, I'll be telling them anyway. I do love to go on and on about things as you've probably noticed here.

Personal Journal: the_jynxed This also links to some of my RP journals. If you are interested in role playing with me, feel free to message me. I'm also willing to consider requests to play other characters than those listed. Please go to that journal for more information.

From here on in, I no longer write as myself, but as Loretta Marshall, unless otherwise noted.