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False Recant

Alex Furest:

    Ugh. I wish I gave us an option to delete entries. Well, I suppose I could get rid of it with a little tweaking, but that seems like it would be cheating. We decided to not give ourselves that option for exactly this reason.
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Chapter 2: Learning

Alex Furest:
   Well, it took a while, but the journal system
should be set up and ready for use now. I guess this will be the test entry, as well as the first entry made directly into the system. I archived entries from Loretta's and Mikel's personal journals, but from here on in everything will be hosted on and posted to this server.
    I'll be the only one with access to all the journals, but I've sworn to myself and everyone that I won't read their stuff. These are meant to be personal and private recordings of what is going on.

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The Beginning

Mikel Onkeli:

    I will be doing the best I can to record what has occurred as carefully as possible. Tonight we met and began to discuss or plans- or our lack thereof. Loretta has always taken things far too seriously, but for once I think she's right in taking this seriously. The CRP hasn't just made my life a lot more inconvenient, but it's affected many people far worse than it has me. Take our friend Alex, for example. His life has not been the easiest. Even though he had a home, I think Loretta and I may be lucky in comparison to his home life. The things he went through has made him rather jittery, but needing to see shadows of other people, especially of his father, has made things a lot more difficult for him.
    He has even gone to the lengths of refusing to take his pills, choosing to suffer for days the pain and weakness that not taking them causes over needing to see the shadows that we all see as Shadow-Eaters. If he had never been put into the program, then perhaps he wouldn't be so tormented by his own shadows.
    Despite his shyness, he has a streak of defiance in him, as does Amanda, who was also at the meeting tonight. As I said before, I will try to re-produce conversations as best as I can, as I'm sure the others will be attempting as well.
When I arrived, Loretta and Amanda were already there. I forget how the two of them met, but at this point it doesn't matter much anymore. They are close, though Amanda has already been more of Loretta's friend than mine. That's not to say we don't get along. We just don't have anything in common- until now I suppose. Now we are both going to be working together against the C.R.P.
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Am I to leave my Pen for a Sword?

Loretta Marshall:

Shadows kept me up all last night.
I hate midterms season for that precise reason. Classes on their on aren't too bad. It's a lot of reading, a lot of writing for me.

    I'm an English major, you see. I have no skill in science. If I did I would be investigating these pills, these shadows. I would suffer a day, a week - maybe more- to figure out what is going on inside me.
    If I can just prove that there is something different about me, then I would be able to start to form an argument, start to gather some evidence against the C.R.P.- The Children's Rehabilitation Program that I wrote of last night- and the experiments they have been performing all these years.

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Chapter 1: The Drugs

Loretta Marshall:

    It's the drugs that make me like this.
    This contradiction of self.
    At once, agitated, excited, restless, and yet lethargic, exhausted, fatigued.
    The result is I spend a lot of time lying awake in bed. I don't want to move to get up, but yet I can't convince Sleep to come visit me.

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Questions, Comments, Criticism?

If you haven't realized, this isn't your normal journal. It's a novel in progress in the form of an epistolary. To start reading, use the "Table of Contents" to navigate to the first page of Chapter 1.

I'm working on this for NaNoWriMo 2010. Now, I'm terrible with keeping up with these things. I get busy with school and life, but I shall be trying my hardest! If I need to keep working past NaNoWriMo for whatever reason, then I will do my best to keep updating weekly.

If you have comments, criticism, or want to point out any errors or say anything else, then please click 'Questions, Comments, Criticism?' above to be brought to the handy-dandy community-thing! I have posts there for feed-back on each chapter, and for inconsistencies and things I might not have done enough fact-checking on. Any feedback you give is greatly appreciated!

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